Lost Roses
Lost Roses A Novel By Kelly, Martha Hall Book - 2019 | First edition.

I like reading novels like this that give you a personal window into a particular historical era, but the CONFUSING FORMAT of this book just required too much concentration trying to: decipher the 1. content, 2. timeline, and 3. characters' identity. (The author didn't even NAME one of the characters in the first chapter, hence, I was the one who was "LOST " - see title of book!)
I struggled to get beyond the third chapter of this book - didn't know if it was because the thickness of the book made me realize the time commitment involved in reading it, or b/c the chapters alternated between characters and eras. Thankfully, I just noticed that previous readers made similar contents! I saw their positive referrals to the prequel to this book, and I now want to read it instead. With or without having read the "Lilacs" prequel, the "Lost Roses" is a laboring read.

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